Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Microboard Alternative


It is difficult to believe that a father with a 28-year record of active advocacy for the choice of facility-Bridgetbased care and adamant objection to community placement for his daughter with profound/severe intellectual disabilities would voluntarily remove his daughter with cerebral palsy from a state run facility where he was president of the parents’ association and place her in a community home.

Yet, Bill Haas, the former chair of VOR’s State Coordinator Committee and principal author of the VOR manual detailing how to effectively challenge forced community placement has in fact done just that.

The desire to find a permanent alternative to a state run facility that would permit his family to direct and control his daughter's care brought Bill Haas to consider the Microboard program. Like many community homes for people with mental retardation or developmental disabilities, the Microboard is paid with Medicaid dollars.

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