Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR's National Programs

Through the following national programs, VOR achieves its Mission to advocate for high quality care and human rights for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities:

Quality in the Community Initiative: In early 2013, VOR launched its Quality in the Community Initiative to proactively address the negative outcomes associated with unprepared community settings for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The need for VOR's Quality in the Community Initiative is urgent. Deinstitutionalization - the closure of federally-licensed specialized settings - continues in earnest. As a result, individuals with profound I/DD, multiple disabilities, serious medical problems, and behavior challenges are removed from specialized settings to "community-based" settings often with poorly trained staff and inadequate health and safety measures in place. Predictable tragedies are well-documented and widespread. VOR's Quality in the Community Initiative aims to address this widespread concern by developing and promoting community care standards. Read more.

Awareness and Outreach: Family-to-family advocacy, publications, media outreach, disability policy forums, and conferences help promote VOR's experienced perspective to affected families, policymakers and the general public. Click here to learn more about VOR's Family Advocacy and Reaching the Media and Raising Awareness programs.

Legislative and Government Affairs Program: Leveraging the power of its grassroots membership, VOR coordinates regular communciation with federal officials on issues of critical importance, including an annual Washington Initiative, where volunteer participants hand-deliver VOR's positions to Congressional offices and federal officials. Click here to learn more VOR's Legislative and Government Affairs Program.

Legal Advocacy Program: VOR’s Choices for a Lifetime, Options for All legal advocacy program minimizes the injustice of excluding families by defending choice and empowering families in the legal system. Click here to learn more VOR's Legal Advocacy Program.
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