Board of Directors

VOR's all volunteer Board of Directors represent many states from across the country. Our dedicated Board of Directors supports VOR's advocacy for high quality care and human rights for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The following individuals serve on VOR's Board of Directors. Complete contact information is available here.
Ann Knighton (GA)

Sybil Finken (IA)

Immediate Past President, Secretary

Jill Barker (MI)

First Vice President

Jill Goldstein (NY)
Second Vice President
Geoffrey Dubrowsky (NJ)
Cindy Bartman (NJ)
Gil Fonger (IL)
David Hart (MA)
Terry Kopansky (TN)
Terry Lafleur (LA)
Linda Lotzi (PA)
Mary McTernan (MA)
Mary O'Riordan (CA)
Mary Reese (MD)
Joanne St. Amand (NJ)
Mary Vitale (MO)