Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

National Committees

VOR has a very active committee structure that helps carry out VOR's advocacy efforts. Volunteers from across the country serve on these national committees in support of VOR's advocacy for high quality care and human rights for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Interested? Click here


Issues Oversight Committee Members

  • Mary Vitale (MO) Chair
  • Harris Capps (OH)
  • David Hart (MA)
  • Caroline Lahrmann (OH)
  • Don Putnam (KY)
  • Mary O’Riordan (CA)

Legislative Committee Members

  • David Hart (MA), Chair
  • Terri Anderson (WA)
  • Cindy Bartman (NJ)
  • Cristy Dwyer (NY)
  • Bob Hazard (CA)
  • Joan Kelley (KS)
  • Peter Kinzler (VA)
  • Linda Lotzi (MD)
  • Mary O’Riordan (CA)
  • Don Putnam (KY)
  • Rebecca Underwood (WI)
  • Irene Welch (GA)

Government Affair Committee Members

  • Jill Barker (MI)
  • Berlinda Bazell (KY)
  • Mark Engberg (MD)
  • Larry Innis (MD)
  • Caroline Lahrmann (OH)